DNA Structure and Replication

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Is there any RNA dependent enzyme we learned? if there is, which part of the central dogma it plays a role - replication, transcription, or translation?

There is one RNA dependent polymerase that has been covered thus far in the class- telomerase. Telomerase is an RNA dependent, DNA synthesizing enzyme. Make sure that you read about the mechanism that telomerase utilizes to assist in the replication of linear chromosomes in eukaryotes (this is covered in the Raven textbook). Telomerase is an important enzyme in DNA replication in eukaryotes. Technically, it violates the central dogma since DNA is traditionally thought to be replicated using DNA as a template (but don't worry too much about that for this exam). Otherwise, the other polymerases that were discussed in class use DNA as templates. Later in MCB 150 you will learn about another example of an RNA dependent, DNA synthesizing enzyme involved in the replication of HIV.

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