Energy and Metabolism

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Can someone explain the breakdown re: where the 36 ATP come from? Per molecule, am I correct in stating there are 6 from glycolysis and 30 from the citric acid cycle? Are the 2 ATP produced from the Kreb's Cycle incorporated into the 30 from TCA? I guess I'm kind of confused as to whether or not the Kreb's Cycle is part of TCA.

Sounds like you might not have been able to join us in lecture yesterday. As I mentioned then, there are three interchangeable terms for the second "phase" of cellular respiration. One is Krebs cycle, one is the citric acid cycle, and the third is the tricarboxylic acid cycle (or TCA for short). So yes, the GTP/ATP synthesized during Krebs cycle does count in that total of 30.

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