Energy and Metabolism

ID #1773

How does the 2 NADH from Glycolysis form 4 ATP at 2 ATP/NADH.? Are those NADH's used in the Electron Transport Chain? And if they are, won't they generate 3 ATP each?

For every NADH that gets oxidized at the ETC, you will end up getting 3 ATP out of it. Since most of your NADH is getting reduced during Krebs cycle, and since that's happening in the matrix where the "front door" of the ETC is, the 3 you make are the 3 you get to use. But for the NADH reduced in glycolysis, you make 3 ATP per NADH, but you only get to "use" 2 because of that "toll" paid to get the NADH into the matrix.

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