Energy and Metabolism

ID #1659

I had some problem analyzing the statement: "ATP can be coupled to an endergonic reaction, to drive the reaction forward". Would the true or false of the statement be altered if it was the hydrolysis or making of ATP? I thought that ATP can only be coupled to an endergonic reaction when it is hydrolyzed. Would it be analyzing the question too much to consider whether if it is hydrolysis or creation of ATP?

I'll admit it would have been phrased better if it had said "ATP hydrolysis" than just ATP, but it can't mean synthesis or you wouldn't have ATP yet, would you? Since you create ATP by phosphorylating ADP, the only way that this statement could have referred to ATP synthesis is if it was given as ADP. This might be just as awkward as the way it was in the actual question, but it would mean synthesis instead of hydrolysis at least.

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