Energy and Metabolism

ID #2198

I know glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm of all cells and the kreb's cycle occurs in the mitochondrial matrix of eukaryotic cells (and in the cytoplasm of prokaryotic cells), but does pyruvate oxidation that occurs prior to kreb's cycle occur in the mitochondrial matrix as well? If not where exactly does it occur?

Yes, pyruvate oxidation happens in the mitochondrial matrix of eukaryotic cells. As soon as pyruvate enters the mitochondrial matrix in eukaryotes, it is oxidatively decarboxylated (with the help of the enzyme Pyruvate DeHydrogenase, PDH) to form Acetyl CoA (which is then free to act as a substrate in the Krebs cycle). For prokaryotes that undergo aerobic respiration, pyruvate oxidation and the Krebs cycle take place in the cytoplasm since they do not have mitochondria

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