Proteins and Enzymes

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Among the forces that contribute to the tertiary structure of proteins, which one of the following is least frequently used? The choices were: Glycosidic Linkages, ionic bonds, hydrogen bonds, covalent bonds (Disulfide bridges) or Van der waals forces. I know that Disulfide bridges are covalent bonds that are involved in determining tertiary structures...but I'm not sure if there are a lot of specific cysteine side chains in guess is that there are not a of specific cysteine side chains so they (disulfide bridges) are less likely used. Am I correct?

Yes, disulfide bridges are part of tertiary structure. And since they are dependent on cysteine amino acids, which is only 1 of 20, they aren't going to happen very often. So they are the least likely to be used of the choices given.

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