Proteins and Enzymes

ID #1615

If Enzyme X has optimal activity at normal human body temperatures, at which of the following temperatures is Enzyme X likely to have the lowest activity? I am confused because cant you look at it from both ways? It can have lowest activity at low temperatures before it becomes inactive and it can have the lowest activity at high temperatures before it denatures and becomes inactive. I thought that if the temperature is too high, and thus, the worse state, then this could denature the protein altogether and the enzyme would be inactive. Since the question asked for the temperature that would yield the *lowest* activity, I went with the lower end of the scale. Can you please explain why that would be wrong?

It's incorrect because zero activity is as low as you can get. If I intended what I believe you think I intended (got that?!), I would have phrased it something like "the temperature at which activity is still detected but at its lowest measurable level."

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