Domains of Life; Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cells

ID #1006

Could you please elaborate on why genes can be transferred across domain lines; from the book I read about certain cells being separated and thus acquiring different abilities, can you explain if that is pertinent?

At this point in the semester, it's enough that you understand that they can share genetic information, not understand how this happens at the molecular level. We'll talk later about plasmids, what they are and how they can be shared. That's one way DNA is shared between species. There are also viruses that do this "accidentally," as well as movable segments of DNA called transposons. Another contributor is a eukaryotic cell that engulfs a bacterial invader but before it can degrade it, some of the invader's DNA gets incorporated into the eukaryotic host's genome. All of these contribute to the sharing of genomic information among species.

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