Mobil Genetic Elements -- Viruses and Plasmids

ID #1425

I was wondering if minus sense RNA viruses are considered to have both an early gene expression and late gene expression or just one since they bring with them the replicase that is needed to be transcribed in early gene expression when you have a plus sense RNA virus.

Unless it's really, really clear that a viral replicative cycle has defined early and late phases, as in the case of T4, I won't ask about the difference between early and late. The reason is that as you pointed out, with RNA viruses in general, it's very difficult to say with certainty whether something is happening early, happening late, or just happening! I suspect that if you asked around, the consensus would be that RNA viruses don't have different early and late phases, they just do the alternating rounds of genome replication (+ to - back to +, or vice versa) and translate proteins whenever a ribosome gets hold of a + sense RNA molecule.

Hope this helps (and doesn't make it even more confusing!).

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