Genetic Regulation and the Lactose Operon

ID #1408

I have getting rid of negative regulation is not the same as positive regulation. I was wondering if I'm correct in saying that lactose gets rid of negative regulation, while high levels of CRP (or low levels of glucose) is positive regulation. Help me where I'm wrong...

Yes, that is a reasonable way to explain the difference between positive regulation and getting rid of negative regulation. To be as accurate as possible, it's technically removing the repressor protein that lifts negative regulation (but it is lactose that allows this to happen), and it's technically the CRP/cAMP complex together that facilitate good binding of RNA polymerase to the lac promoter and act as positive regulation (but it is low levels of glucose that allow for high levels of cAMP). About the only thing I'd correct is that there is always CRP around--high levels don't result in positive regulation on their own--but when there are also high levels of cAMP, there will be positive regulation.

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