The Cell Cycle and Events of M-Phase

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Could you explain what exactly occurs during G1 and G2 of interphase? I know that they prepare for cell division, but I'm not sure on what each one does.

G1 is a period of growth, metabolism, and preparation for DNA replication. It generally takes a while to be sure that a cell is ready for S-phase, which is why G1 typically lasts so long. With G2, although there is continued growth, protein synthesis, etc., the real reason G2 exists is to verify the successful completion of S-phase and make sure the cell has enough materials to last through M-phase (remember, mitotic chromosomes and no nucleus means no genes can be expressed during M-phase).

It's important to acknowledge that some very very important things are happening during these "gap" phases, but essentially it can be looked at follows: G1 gets you ready for S, and G2 gets you ready for M.

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