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could you clear up the difference between aconemal and cytoplasmic dynein. I know that axonemal is that found in cilia and the cytoplasmic dynein is the kind that was found in neural cells. What I was wondering was whether or not it is their shape (number of heavy chains, etc.) or simply in what cells they are located that give them their name. For instance, if you were to ask a question about cytoplasmic dynein, do we KNOW that it must come from an axon?

Yet another one of the things that don't have time to go into is the differences in "families" of motor proteins. Earlier I acknowledged that there are 18 different classes of myosins, but didn't go much beyond that. Likewise, there are different families of dyneins too, but we didn't address the differences in our class. If I ask a question about dynein, it can safely be assumed that for that particular question, all dyneins behave the same.

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