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I'm a little confused about how basal bodies and centrioles are similar. I know that centrioles have a nine triplet arrangement, and that basal bodies are the anchoring points of axonemes. In the center of the basal body, there is some gamma tubulin as well as some microtubules. I thought that the basal bodies had the same nine doublet pattern as the axoneme, except for the "plus two" in the center? How is that similar to the nine triplet pattern?

Both centrioles and basal bodies have the nine triplet arrangement of microtubules. As you mentioned, basal bodies contain gamma tubulin. Both centrioles and basal bodies contain the 9 triplet pattern - from a picture, it is difficult to distinguish them unless you know that one is the base of a cilium or flagellum. 

The basal body does contain gamma tubulin in the center. It does not have anything else in the center. The axoneme is the one that has the "9 + 2" arrangement, with 9 outer pairs of fused microtubules (A + B) and two microtubules in the center. 

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