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In Video 1 in the Golgi lecture the narrator explains that vesicles move along microtubules to travel to the Golgi Apparatus. We did learn that some transport vesicles are moved along actin filaments because they have myosin bound to their membranes. Are microtubules necessary for vesicle transport? If not, do are vesicles primarily moved using actin filaments and myosin?

Vesicles can be moved by motor proteins along an actin filament, or by motor proteins along a microtubule. I believe that the majority of vesicular transport occurs along the microtubule tracks by their associated proteins, but some vesicles do move along the actin filaments using myosin. If a vesicle is being moved around in the inner part of the cell, it's more likely that it will be along microtubules. The closer you get to the periphery of the cell, the sooner a vesicle will transition from moving along microtubules to moving along the actin network called the terminal web.

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