General, Non-Lecture-Specific Questions

ID #1505

I just had one quick question regarding the final exam. I know that the final is not cumulative. But you mentioned that some, if not all, of the questions build on material we covered prior to the lectures that are specific to the final exam material. I guess my question is, will the questions reference material covered earlier in the semester anymore than Exams 2 and 3 did?

My thinking on this is that if you're studying the final exam material and you can't fill in the blanks on all the details because you've forgotten an old bit of information, that would be the only part you need to revisit in your notes from Units 1, 2 and 3.  A good example would be our lectures on genetic regulation.  If you see something in the notes about the strength of a Shine-Dalgarno sequence, but don't remember what that is or how it works, that would be something to revisit from old material.

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