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I was wondering if the exams are weighted. I added the class after the first lecture and never heard the whether they are or not. I also checked the syllabus, and it doesnt say (which probably means they aren't). I did horrible on the first exam, which is surprising because I spent many many hours studying and got an A on the practice exam.

No, the exams aren't weighted any more than the other points in the course, except that there are more of them. We have 4 exams, each worth 150 points, for a total of 600 points. There are 1000 points total during the semester, which means 400 points (40%) of your grade comes from homework, attendance, and discussion assignments. So don't be too discouraged by an exam score that's lower than you hoped for -- there's plenty of opportunities in the class to pull up that grade. And remember that although we don't have a curve in the course, we have a very generous grading scale, which is posted on our web site and in your Course Information Packet.

Regarding the practice exam, it's fairly typical to do better on the practice exam than on the real exam, because the circumstances surrounding taking them are so vastly different. The material is virtually identical of course, but there's no stress involved in taking a practice exam. If you (or anyone else reading this) would like to discuss what you did and what you might do differently next time, I invite you to call the MCB Advising Office at 333-6774 and schedule an appointment with me. The receptionist has my calendar and can find a time that fits in both our schedules. Even though this is about MCB 150 and not academic advising, I've found this much easier than trading emails with available times.

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