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Would you recommend taking the practice exam first and then studying the things I missed, or studying and then taking the practice exam to see what else I should review?

(For reference, this question was asked on the weekend prior to Exam I during that particular semester).

If you've been working on the material as we go, then you should be ready to take the practice exam anytime, or at least after you've finished reviewing the metabolism material we finished yesterday. If you're just now getting around to beginning your studies for this course, it probably doesn't make any difference which you do first. There will likely be a lot of questions in Monday's review session about the practice exam, so if you'd like an opportunity to take that practice exam without biasing yourself by hearing the questions ahead of time, then it might be a good idea to take the practice exam sometime before 5:00 on Monday. The only problem with doing the practice exam and then focusing on what you missed is that not everything in the practice exam will match up with what will be on your exam 100%, and you don't want to ignore material that will be on your exam but didn't make it into the exam last semester.

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