Actin and Myosin

ID #1962

In lecture you were discussing how not all myosins move to the + end of the actin filament, and said that myosin I is an example of one. I got a bit confused here. How does the vesicle move to the + end if myosin I only moves to the -? If I understood what you said in lecture correctly, myosin one cannot just switch from - to +.

Myosin I is in fact an unconventional myosin, but one that travels to the plus/barbed end of a filament. That "other" arrow with the number 1 by it was just to indicate that there is at least one type of myosin (probably more, I'm guessing) that move toward the minus/pointed end -- but it's not Myosin I. You heard correctly when I said that a given myosin will only ever move to the end it's "supposed" to move to.

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