Actin and Myosin

ID #1878

In my notes I have written that actin bundles are usually characterized by extensions of cytoplasm that usually take the form of: macrophages reaching out to engulf bacteria OR a cell crawling along its surface OR just an extension of cytoplasm that's stabilized. So my question is, isn't the first one I mentioned with the macrophage reaching out to engulf the bacteria an example of how dynamic an actin network is not an actin bundle?

Yes, your interpretation is more correct than the notes you took. :) Being able to do something like cell crawling or phagocytosis requires your cytoskeleton to be very dynamic, and this couldn't be done with a relatively stable actin bundle. By contrast, stabilizing a microvillus requires that the structure not be subject to rapid polymerization and depolymerization, so a bundle is the way to go.

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