Actin and Myosin

ID #2367

I'm confused about the unconventional myosins. The myosin 1 which bond to membrane of a vesicle is unconventional since they work in pairs, but the I think myosin 2 mentioned earlier in lecture 31 and in muscle contraction are said to be working in pairs as well. So are they all unconventional myosins? What would the conventional myosins look like?

Take another look. Myosin I is actually a monomer. You can see only a single head group and one tail (rather than two tails intertwined). The fact that it is a monomer (and that it typically has a shorter tail) is what makes it unconventional. Compare that to Myosin II. Myosin II is a dimer. You should see that there are two head groups and two tails wrapped around each other. In the figure shown, both move towards the + end of actin. 

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