Golgi Apparatus

ID #1287

I have a question about the slide that says that The Golgi is also a site for further lipid synthesis and processing. I have written that the Ceramide is sythesized in the SER. Then it shows the Sphingomyelin and Glycolipids and i have written next to the Sphingomyelin that its built in the Golgi and at the bottom I have that all other lipids are built in the SER. I was just wondering that is the Sphingomyelin both built and synthesized in the Golgi and Is the Glycolipid processed and synthesized in the Golgi too and that any other lipids besides those two are built in the SER?

Yes, if I interpret your question correctly, you're right. :)

Cholesterol, ceramide, and all the glycerol-based phospholipids are synthesized (built) in the SER. Ceramide can then get sent to the Golgi, where it can be converted into either glycolipids or the only non-glycerol-based phospholipid, sphingomyelin.

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