Golgi Apparatus

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You mentioned in class that glycolipids are created in the Golgi apparatus, but glycolipid anchors are built in the ER. Is any part of the glycolipid anchors that are in the ER produced in the Golgi and then transported to the ER? Also, I'm a bit unsure as to the relationship between the glycolipids we have seen before in cell membranes and the glycolipid anchors, beside the fact that they both have lipid and carbohydrate components. Could you please clarify the distinction?

This is unfortunately one of those instances where there's a "rule," and then there's an exception to the rule. The rule is that glycolipids get assembled in the Golgi apparatus using ceramide as a backbone. The exception is the glycosylation of standard glycerol-based phospholipids like phosphatidyl inositol (PI). PI isn't made in the Golgi, it's made with the other glycerol-based phospholipids, which are sometimes called phosphoglycerides, in the Smooth ER. Then once it finds its way to the RER, it gets modified into a GPI anchor and has a protein attached to it.

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