Golgi Apparatus

ID #2139

Must all proteins proceed through through all of the stacks of the Golgi apparatus? Is there ever an example where a protein does not travel all the way to the trans face of the Golgi?

As with most things in biology, there is a "rule" and there are exceptions to that rule. Regarding the secretory pathway, the rule is that what goes into the cis face of the Golgi has to come out the trans face eventually in order to be appropriately targeted. The exception--minor but important, and relevant to your question--is that if an ER-resident protein (like BiP) gets sent to the Golgi for some simple processing and displays what is referred to as an ER Retention Signal, the instructions are to send it right back without having to go through the stack to the trans face. This would be the only example of such an exception; remember the rule is that you don't leave the Golgi mid-way, even if there is no more work to be done on you prior to reaching the trans face.

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