Endoplasmic Reticulum

ID #1277

Bear with me as I'm having some trouble grasping orientations of various transmembrane proteins. "What stays cytosolic stays cytosolic, what stays lumenal stays lumenal" (can you explain this "rule" a little more thoroughly?)- so does this mean that if a signal sequence is right at the N-terminus (as opposed to an internal signal sequence) the N-terminus will stay lumenal because the signal peptidase cuts off the signal sequence leaving the N-terminus to "dangle" in the lumen? Conversely, if the protein has an internal signal sequence, does that put the N-terminus in the cytoplasm (signal peptidase not used here, right?)?

Your description is just right. As for the more extensive description of the "cytosolic vs. lumenal" rule, please visit office hours and I can draw a picture of just what I mean.

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