Endoplasmic Reticulum

ID #2271

Is the ribosome leaving the translocon considered a signal? If it isn't, would the internal signal sequence be the only signal needed for a transmembrane protein with its N-terminus in the cytoplasm and the c terminus in the lumen of the ER?

Just to clarify, we define signals in this context as peptide sequences, so NO, we don't count the ribosome leaving the ribosome as a signal. When a ribosome finishes translating a protein, its sub-units will dissociate and simply leave the translocon. This will cause the translocon to close.  
To address your second question, YES, the the internal signal sequence was the first and only signal sequence presented by a protein whose N-terminus is in the cytoplasm and the C-terminus is in the lumen of the ER. 

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