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For a mitochondrial transmembrane protein, did we discuss hwo this happens or gets inserted into the mitochondrial membrane? Also, i just wanted to make sure my understanding of how proteins get into mitochondria is correct: 1) mitochondrial transit sequence is recognized, cytosolic hsp70 bind to prevent the protein from folding 2) protein is fed into Tom. ATP is used to strip off each chaperone. 3) electrochemical gradient pulls it from Tom to Tim. 4) as it flows through tim, mitochondrial hsp 70 acts as a ratchet to pull the protein in. 5) as it is being pulled in, chaperones (hsp70?) connect with the protein again to prevent it from folding 6) transit peptidase chops off the transit sequence

It was mentioned in lecture that additional signals are necessary for a protein to be inserted into the inner or outer mitochondrial membrane. Prof. Mehrtens did not go into more detail than that in lecture, although additional information is included in the textbook. 
Yes, what you have described is correct. Don't forget that some proteins need to be sent to a chaperonin for additional assistance in folding. 

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