The Nucleus and its Functional Domains

ID #2425

So for transcription, the piece of dna will be moved out into the interchromosomal domain. what about for replication? Is all of the replication machinery in the interchromosomal domain too? Does the euchromatin spread out into only its own chromosome domain?

Replication will occur in a similar fashion where replication machinery will be grouped in specific locations in the nucleus. (The DNA will be brought to the machinery). A focus of replication contains approximately 200-300 origins of replication, so multiple oris will be replicated in the same location. I don't know exactly how multiple oris are replicated on a given chromosome. It likely depends on how gene-rich a region of DNA containing an ori is. As described in class, gene density affects whether foci are replicated earlier or later in S phase. 

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