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Would archaea still use the prokaryotic shine dalgarno sequence? Is the fact that archaea uses Met the only thing that makes similar to eukaryotes in terms of translation? Does it do transcription the same as fellow prokaryotes or eukaryotes?

No, archaea have a more complex mechanism for initiating translation than bacteria and I think researchers are still learning how many basic processes are performed in archaea. The different initiator amino acid was the only time that Prof. Mehrtens specifically mentioned archaea when discussing translation. 
The unmodified methionine is not the only difference between archaea and bacteria when it comes to translation. As mentioned above, there are other differences and research is still going on in this area. 
As for transcription in archaea, we did not discuss specific differences in class. While there is research in this area as well (some of it done on our own Urbana-Champaign campus), I would focus on knowing the differences between bacterial and eukaryotic transcription for the exam. 

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