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Are UTR's only in prokaryotes? And am I correct in saying they are not similar to introns becayse introns are edited out before translation, but UTR's are not?

No, actually you can find UTR's in any mRNA. UTR is just a fairly generic term that means untranslated region, which in turn just means any bases in a mRNA molecule that are not read as a codon by a ribosome. Since the start codon is never right at the beginning of a mRNA (and by at the beginning I mean bases 1-3 of the mRNA), there will always be some untranslated mRNA at the 5' end. And likewise at the other end, where the stop codon is not going to be found as the last three bases in the mRNA. Just think about that poly-A tail -- that's a very long untranslated region!

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