Transcription and RNA Processing

ID #1746

Is the consensus sequence at a particular conserved region unique to a certain species or to the entire domain (for instance, is the consensus sequence that codes for intrinsic termination of transcription in E. coli the same as the consensus sequence for intrinsic termination in other bacteria)?

It depends entirely on the sequence you're examining. Some conserved regions have consensus sequences that cross species lines (like eukaryotic promoter sequences for example), while others might still be similar, but not all that well conserved, as the evolutionary tree's branches get farther apart. E. coli has some close "cousins" like the species that causes food poisoning from eating undercooked chicken (Salmonella), and sequences between these two species are really close across the board. But as you move into different types of bacteria (and there are more than you probably imagine), those sequences won't necessarily be the same.

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