Transcription and RNA Processing

ID #1181

I understand why the bases making the stem loop should be GC rich, but I also have written down that A's and U's will be used more to attach RNA so it can be removed easily. Is a high concentration of AU bonds present in both intrinsic and Rho-dependent or just rho-dependent?

Since Rho protein physically pulls the transcript off the template, I don't believe that the end of the gene is required to be A-T rich. This goes beyond our discussion in class, but Rho protein is actually an ATP-dependent helicase. When it "crawls" up to the region where the RNA and DNA are hybridized, it engages its helicase activity and unwinds the strands, releasing the transcript from the template. Since it's using ATP as an energy source to do this, the strength of the H-bonds becomes insignificant.

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