Transcription and RNA Processing

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Is the spliceosome the looped RNA structure formed that pauses RNA polymerase because of its bulky structure? An what is the splice point called? Is it the splice junction?

For the first question, what you described is an intrinsic transcriptional terminator, not a spliceosome. Also -- and this is an example of how everyone needs to be able to assemble all of the smaller parts into a bigger picture by the time you take the exam -- an intrinsic terminator is one of the two ways bacteria terminate transcription. But intron removal is a feature found in eukaryotes, not bacteria.

For your second question, yes, the "boundary" between exon and intron is called a splice site or splice junction. A given intron has what is called a 5' splice site and what is called a 3' splice site, where the directionality is indicating the "new" ends of the intron when it is released.

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