Transcription and RNA Processing

ID #2405

So in prokaryotes is it just the sigma subunit that binds to the promoter and in eukaryotes the conglomeration of transcription factors that binds to the promoter? The RNA polymerase then assembles to the rest of the enzyme after promoter recognition is complete?

In prokaryotes: the sigma subunit is part of the assembled RNA polymerase, the holoenzyme. Once the whole RNA polymerase holoenzyme is assembled, the sigma factor finds the promoter region, then transcription is initiated. The RNA polymerase is not assembled right there on the promoter. 
In eukaryotes: the transcription factors do bind to the DNA at the promoter and make it better able to recruit RNA polymerase. Again, the RNA polymerase is assembled elsewhere, then finds the promoter with the help of the transcription factors. 

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