Transcription and RNA Processing

ID #2041

What is the point of noncoding DNA if its not even used for coding? what function does it serve?

There's no single answer to this; it depends on your perspective, and which non-coding sequences you're referring to. Introns are important, so even though they're removed, it's important that they're there. For spacer DNA, some of that non-coding DNA is repetitive or acquired sequences that have just remained in our genomes because we don't have to be as streamlined as, for example, a bacterial cell has to be. No pressing need to remove it means it just stays. Also, we're finding out all the time about regulatory roles played directly or indirectly by DNA sequences previously believed to be truly "junk" DNA. So we may find in the long run that the sequences in our genomes that are not transcribed into mRNA, rRNA, or tRNA are just as important as the ones that are!

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