Transcription and RNA Processing

ID #2038

I believe you said that the DNA polymerase reads the coding strand (non template strand) and the promoter was also on this strand, however the book says that the DNA polymerase reads the template strand from the 3'-5' direction. I am confused as to which strand the DNA polymerase is actually reading and if the promoter is on both strands or just the one it is reading and in what direction is it reading it.

When RNA polymerase is doing RNA synthesis, it must be synthesizing nucleic acid in the 5'-3' direction. Let's say it's moving "left to right." And since the molecule being made is antiparallel to the template, and we're moving left to right, we must be reading the template strand 3'-5'. What I mentioned yesterday in the Honors discussion section is that the promoter region itself happens to be in the coding strand, not the template strand. This doesn't go against what I just wrote, because the promoter itself isn't actually transcribed, so you haven't started reading 3'-5' to be synthesizing 5'-3'.

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