MCB 101
Introductory Microbiology Lab
School of Molecular & Cellular Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Announcements Fall 2018

The most recent announcements are at the top of the page.

MCB 101 Teaching Assistants   Fall 2018

Debby Liu     lab sections ABF and ABG

Adrika Raybarman      lab sections ABA and ABE

Qiqi Tian    lab sections ABC and ABD

 Xuankun Zeng   lab section ABB


. . . Last Modified: Thursday 8/30/2018

Lab classes begin on Monday, August 27 for sections ABA, ABB, ABC and ABD
and on Tuesday, August 28 for sections ABE, ABF, and ABG.
Attendance is taken and it constitutes a part of your grade.

  • All Lab Sections meet in room 242 Burrill Hall.

  • Make Up Labs: If you miss a lab, Dr. Chapman holds make up lab sessions in room 242 Burrill Hall
    on Fridays at 10:15 AM (depending on Dr. Chapman's schedule).
    Contact Dr. Chapman if you need to attend a make up lab session.

  • Exam results will be returned in either lecture or lab classes about a week after the test is given.

Dr. Chapman’s office hours are:  3:15 – 5 pm on Monday,  4 – 5 pm on Tuesday,
3:15 – 5 pm on Wednesday and 3:30 – 4 pm on Thursdays in room 241 Burrill Hall.

If you miss a lab class but have grounds for being granted an excused absence, you will be allowed to make up the work that you missed. Contact Dr. Chapman whenever you miss a lab class, or know that you will have to miss a lab class, so we can make arrangements for you to do a make-up lab. There is a lab make-up session every Friday at 10:15 AM, just after the MCB101 lecture. Make-up labs meet in room 242 Burrill Hall. Alternatively, we may be able to allow you to attend a different lab section that is doing the same experimental work that you missed or must miss.

If you have a conflict that prevents you from taking an Exam or attending a lab class or lecture at the scheduled time, contact Dr. Chapman by e-mail:

Fall 2018 Exam Dates:

MCB101 mid-term exams are given during the regular lecture period, Friday at 9 - 9:50 AM,
the place will be announced when they tell me what rooms I get.

Exam 1 will cover experiments 1 - 8, it will be given on Friday, October 5,
during the regular class period at 9 - 9:50 am.
If you are in lab section ABA, ABB, ABC or ABD (which meet on MW),
please take the exam in room 180 Bevier Hall.
If you are in lab section ABE, ABF or ABG (which meet on TR)
please take the exam in room TBA.

Exam 2 will cover experiments 9 - 14, it will be given on Friday, November 9.

Exam - 3, The Final Exam, covers experiments 15 - 19
and includes a comprehensive portion (about 1/3)
Time: I don't know the date, time or place, but it will be during Finals Week.
Place: To Be Announced

  • To see the answers to the problems on pages 208 - 211 of the lab manual use this link..