Vincent Spears

Summer Scholar

University of Illinois College of Medicine (MD Student)

Worked in the Lab: May-July 2014

Current position: Residency in Pediatrics at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago



Pereira H, Spears V, Schlinder-Delap B, Yoon T, Hunter SK. Cognitive demand increased muscle fatigability of the elbow muscles in young and old adults. 2012 (American College of Sports Medicine Conference).

Pereira H, Spears V, Schlinder-Delap B, Yoon T, Hunter SK. Age and sex differences in control of force during static contractions with the elbow flexor muscles when cognitive demand is imposed. 2012 (Society for Neuroscience Conference).

Pereira H, Spears V, Schlinder-Delap B, Yoon T, Nielson KA, Hunter SK. Sex differences in motor fatigue for old adults in response to increased cognitive demand. 2013 (Society for Neuroscience Conference).


Hello, my name is Vince! I am an MD student here at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. I graduated from Marquette University in 2013 with a degree in Exercise Physiology. While at Marquette, I was involved in a research lab that looked at sex and age differences in neuromuscular fatigue. The project that I was involved in looked at the effect of cognitive stress on muscle fatigability in particular. Through my undergraduate research experience, I quickly developed a passion for research.

Poly A Binding Proteins are a family of proteins that are expressed in eukaryotic cells and are involved in mRNA synthesis, maturation, and translation. Cytoplasmic Poly A Binding Proteins (PABPC), in particular, are involved in the formation of the closed loop structure, which is important for the commencement and termination of translation. My project is looking at the role of PABPC1 in muscle fiber differentiation. We will be using a C2C12 myoblast model system to dive into these concepts.

In my free time I enjoy exploring the Champaign-Urbana area with my girlfriend and our puppy Mr. Feeny. I am a big sports fan and I grew up playing hockey – Go Hawks! Along with sports, I enjoy cooking. I love learning new recipes and testing different combinations of ingredients.