Sang Ho

Undergraduate Researcher

Major: Biochemistry

Started in Lab: January 2017


Funding: MCB Summer Research Fellowship (2017)


Hey there, my name is Sang Ho and I am currently a sophmore in Biochemistry, with hopes of eventually pursuing a career as an MD/PHD. I'm originally from Vietnam, and little known fact is that I'm a mix of Chinese, French and Vietnamese. This is my first time working in a Biochemistry lab, and I am very excited (and terrified) to finally participate in research.

I actually found out about Dr. Kalsotra way back in my freshman year when I was looking at research at UIUC. Within MCB courses, the professors emphasized the unexplored biology of RNA when studying transcription and translation and with that, I summed up the courage to email Professor Kalsotra and here I am. There are a lot of daunting tasks and high expectations for me, but I relish a challenge. I am currently working on a project about misregulation of alternative splicing in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1. My goal as a researcher, and eventually as a physician-scientist is to use research as a way to find new cures for human diseases.