Miranda Gurra

Undergraduate Researcher

Major: Biochemistry

Started in the Lab: May 2017

Email: gurra2@illinois.edu


Hi there! My name is Miranda Gurra and I am currently a Junior majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Bioengineering. I play saxophone in Marching illini, am an active member in my sorority, and am also in two honor societies related to Greek life on campus.

I have wanted to do research since high school. To be able to figure out or understand some of life’s mysteries is what made me want to pursue research as a career. What specifically interested me about the Kalsotra lab was their focus on post transcriptional regulation of certain genes and how that affects development and maturation of tissues, as well as how perturbations in post transcriptional gene regulation can lead to different human diseases. I am currently working on a project that studies these mechanisms and how they relate to liver development.

Eventually, my dream is to conduct research at the CDC and study the mechanisms of disease and ways to combat their effects. The Kalsotra lab has given me a great opportunity to develop and broaden my skills in preparation for my future career.