Luke Detloff

Undergraduate Researcher

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Started in the Lab: January 2017


Funding: MCB Summer Research Fellowship (2017)


Hi there! My name is Luke Detloff, and I am a Junior at UIUC majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology. In my first couple years here at UIUC, one of the most fascinating topics I was taught was alternative splicing. I found it intriguing that our bodies are capable of generating different proteins from the same gene. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position in a lab that studies exactly that.

The Kalsotra Lab has identified a number of alternative splicing factors believed to be critical to postnatal liver maturation. These factors are tightly regulated during development and liver regeneration. The project I am working on involves the creation of adenoviral overexpression vectors of these spicing factors. Injection of the adenoviruses into adult mice will cause them to express them within hepatocytes. Further studies will allow us to elucidate the exact role of these splicing factors in controlling gene expression in the liver.

When I am not in lab or studying, I am usually doing something active. I especially enjoy playing baseball, basketball, football, and golf. I am also a coffee enthusiast and enjoy playing the guitar.