Lili Lin

Undergraduate Researcher

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology

Started in Lab: January 2017


Funding: MCB Summer Research Fellowship (2017)


Hi, my name is Feikai (Lili) Lin. I am a sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with Honors Concentration.

In the Kalsotra lab, I am learning different molecular and cell biology techniques and helping in the project where alternative splicing misregulation of a RNA binding protein, Rbfox2 leads to the development of certain heart defects. My interest in RNA processing, especially alternative splicing, drives me to Kalsotra’s lab. In my opinion, it is the variety of RNA that composes the most brilliant part within the picture of life.

Besides studying and doing research, I devote my spare time in listening to music, playing sports, and traveling. I hope there is a day I can travel around the world, and at the same time deepen my understanding of biology as much as possible.