• Global analyses of mRNA splicing and translation to identify conserved gene regulatory programs.

• Cell- and tissue-specific gene targeting in mice to define in vivo function(s) of RNA binding proteins.

• Use of microRNAs, anti-sense oligonucleotides and small molecules as RNA therapeutics.

Welcome to the Kalsotra Laboratory!

The research in Kalsotra lab brings together critical ideas in the fields of molecular and developmental biology and offers a robust framework to better understand how, when, and where particular mRNAs are translated into proteins.

We are particularly interested in understanding (i) how post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms integrate with transcriptional and translational programs to ensure normal tissue development and function, (ii) why misregulation of such mechanisms results in disease, and (iii) whether these mechanisms can be leveraged to prevent or reverse specific cardiac and liver disorders.

We strive to provide a training environment that encourages independent thinking and creativity.


Lab Location-
University of Illinois
462 Medical Science Building
506 South Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801

Telephone: 217-300-5531
Fax: 217-244-5858
Email: kalsotra at uiuc dot edu

Latest News
Aug 2018- Sushant & Waqar's paper is accepted by Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. [Link]

July 2017- Sandip & Joe's paper is published in eLIFE as a "Cover Story". [Link1] [Link2] [Link3]

Mar 2017- Cole's review is published in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology. [Link]
Aug 2018- Zac wins CBI Fellowship. [Link]

Aug 2018- Sushant wins TiMe Fellowship. [Link]

Jan 2018- Joe receives AHA Fellowship. [Link]

Aug 2017- MDA funds Kalsotra Lab. [Link1] [Link2]

May 2016- Waqar receives NRSA Fellowship. [Link]
Research Presentations
Aug 2018- Waqar's abstract is selected for a talk at the AASLD Liver Meeting, San Francisco, CA. [Link]

June 2018- Nash was invited to talk at The FASEB Conference on Post-transcriptional Control of Gene Expression, Scottsdale, AZ [Link]

Feb 2018- Nash was invited to talk at the Bermuda Principles Splicing Conference, Bermuda. [Link]