Reading List for HISTORY 465 / BIOLOGY 465
The following books are required reading and have been ordered at the campus bookstores:
  1. Appleman, Philip (ed.). Darwin. Norton (pb)
  2. Gould, Stephen Jay, The Mismeasure of Man. Norton (pb).
  3. Harvey, William. The Anatomical Exercises. Dover (pb)..
  4. Stent, Gunther (ed.). The Double Helix. Norton (pb).
  5. Also required reading for the course is the History/Biology 465 Reader, available at Notes & Quotes, 502 East John Street, Champaign.
Exams, Term Paper, and Evaluation Procedures

There will be three exams (of 75 minutes each) plus a paper in the course.

Undergraduates will be invited to choose between writing an essay (approximately 8-10 pages) or a term paper (approximately 15 pages) on a topic in the history of biology chosen in consultation with the instructor.

Graduate students taking the course for a full unit will be required to write the term paper.

A list of suggested topics will be provided early in the semester. Each student is required to produce a one-paragraph proposal identifying his or her topic and submit this proposal to the instructor no later than Tuesday, Oct. 10. The due date for the essays and term papers is Thursday, December 9.

For students who choose to write the short essay, the three exams and the essay will count equally (25% each).

For students writing the longer research paper, the exams will count 20% each and the paper will count 40%..