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Integrative Biology 472

Class Schedule


Aug. 23MondayCourse Introduction, Plant gene structure and organization I
Aug. 25WednesdayPlant gene structure and organization II
Aug. 30MondayMeasuring/quantifying gene expression I
Sep. 1WednesdayMeasuring/quantifying gene expression II
Sep. 6MondayLabor day
Sep. 8WednesdayThe gene expression toolbox I - in vivo approaches
Nuclear run-on transcription assays
In vivo footprinting
Sep. 13MondayThe gene expression toolbox II - Reporter genes and selectable markers
Why selectable markers? Useful markers in plants
Reporter gene characteristics
GUS, GFP and luciferase: applications, strengths, and limitations
Sep. 15WednesdayThe gene expression toolbox III - Cis-acting sequences
The modular nature of RNA PolII-regulated promoters
Sep. 20MondayThe gene expression toolbox IV - Trans-acting factors
The modular nature of trans-acting factors
How are trans-acting factors studied?
Factors in search of genes to regulate
Sep. 22WednesdayThe gene expression toolbox V - Trans-acting factors
Yeast/bacterial/plant two hybrid system
One hybrid analyses
Sep. 27MondayThe gene expression toolbox VI - Transient assays
Biolistic delivery system
Protoplast transfection
Sep. 29WednesdayThe gene expression toolbox VII - Agrobacterium-mediated transformation
The biology of Agrobacterium sp.
Genetic engineering by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation
Oct. 4MondayThe gene expression toolbox VIII - Agrobacterium-mediated transformation
Using transgenics to deduce gene product function and manipulate gene expression
Scientific and social concerns involving transgenic plants
Oct. 6WednesdaySignal transduction
Plant innate immune response
Systemic acquired resistance
Oct. 11MondayMicroRNA profiling
Oct. 13WednesdayRNAi and gene silencing