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Integrative Biology 472




Your attendance at class is expected. The information covered in class will make up the majority of content on the homework assignments. Class starts promptly at 10 am. “Things” happen, but please make every effort to be on time.


Late work:

Homework is due one week after the assignments are posted and a four-day grace period is allowed for one of the assignments. A deduction of 10% of points is in effect for every week the assignment is late. If you are ill, please get a note from your physician or the McKinley clinic and any missed deadlines will be changed by mutual agreement.


Writing assignment:

The outline for the paper is due on Sep. 29; the first paragraph of the written essay is due on Oct.6; and the final essay is due on the last day of class, Oct. 13. There is no grace period for this writing assignment. Plagiarism will result in a grade of 0 for the written essay.


Accommodation of Disability:

Anyone who needs special assistance please see me or contact me by phone or email as soon as possible.