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Integrative Biology 472

Assignments & Grading


Homework Assignments:

Four sets of homework problems consisting of short questions or calculations will be distributed on Sep. 1, 15, 27, and Oct. 6. You will have a week to prepare written answers to the questions (word-processed). You will be required to submit responses for 3 of the 4 sets of homework problems. If you submit all 4 sets the top 3 scores will be used for the final grade. Homework problems should be an individual effort since they account for 60% of the final grade. Homework assignments will be posted on the class web site.


Short Paper:

A short review essay evaluating an assigned research article on plant molecular biology should be submitted by the last class (Wednesday, October 13). The essay should be prepared following the “News and Views” article style in Nature that summarizes and discusses the significance and places the work in a broader context.


Class Participation:

Students are encouraged to participate in discussions in class, before or after class, or any time by e mail.



60% Three sets of homework problems

40% Written essay (journal article evaluation); 'News & Views' style


Grading criteria for the written essay:

Summary – accuracy, completeness (10 points)

Discussion – significance, context (15 points)

Technical merit (5 points)

Overall organization, clarity (5 points)

Citation of key references (5 points)