Integrative Biology 469

Evolutionary Survey of Plants

If you liked IB 335 (Systematics of Flowering Plants), you'll love this course!

Course Description:
Integrative Biology 469 (formerly Plant Biology 304), Evolutionary Survey of Plants, is a lecture and laboratory course dealing with the structure, development, reproduction and phylogeny of land plants, as represented by mosses, liverworts, lycophytes, ferns, horsetails, gnetophytes, conifers, cycads, angiosperms, and fossils. The evolutionary changes that led to this diversity will be emphasized; recent literature will be discussed.

This course was created for both graduate and advanced undergraduate students. Undergraduate students are very welcome!

Integrative Biology 102 or Integrative Biology 103; Integrative Biology 201 recommended; or consent of instructor.

9:00-9:50 AM; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Room 306 Natural History Building

Tuesday 2:00-4:50 PM; Room 306 Natural History Building

Dr. Stephen R. Downie
239 Morrill Hall, phone 333-1275

Raven et al., 2005. Biology of Plants, Seventh Edition. W.H. Freeman and Company.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact the instructor!

What some have said about this course: "My son is looking forward to teaching a new course at the University of Illinois. He says it's a course about land plants and I know it's going to be very good! I think somebody else will be teaching about the water plants." Professor Downie's Mother.