Principles of Systematics - Integrative Biology 467

Student-Led Paper Discussions

Each student will be required to present a paper during lecture. The following is a list of topics, papers, and presenters for the Fall 2011 semester:

Day and Date
August 25 (Th)
Sydney Cameron
September 8 (Th)
Aaron Appleby
September 27 (Th)
Adam Brandt, Jessica Brandt
Computer Alignment: Morrison 2009
October 11 (T)
Allen Lawrence, Lauren Fields
Parsimony vs. Likelihood: Sober 2004
October 27 (Th)
Fred Larabee, Alan Yanahan
Bootstrap vs. Posterior Probability: Alfaro et al. 2003; Douady et al. 2003
November 10 (Th)
Diana Arias-Penna, Tania Jogesh
Host-Parasite Coevolution: Clayton et al. 2003; Johnson et al. 2003
November 29 (T)
Lyndsay Lucas

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