Principles of Systematics - Integrative Biology 467

Laboratory Syllabus

Laboratory Topic
Documents in Moodle
August 27 1 Introduction to the Lab and Student Projects
Cover Page
Project Description
Project Plan
Project Outline
Notes on Oral Presentation
September 3 2 Characters, Character States and Classifications (Caminalcules and Dendrogrammaceae)
September 10 3 Introduction to Parsimony Analysis using PAUP*
September 17 4 Consensus Trees, Rooting, Constraints, Stepmatrices, and Bootstrapping: PAUP* continued

The Basics of Data Matrices using Mesquite
September 24 5 Alignment of Molecular Data
October 1 6 Introduction to Genbank and BLAST; Working With Raw Sequence Data
October 8 7 Maximum Likelihood and Distance Methods: Models in Phylogenetics
Read before lab: Posada 2008
October 15 8 Bayesian Analysis: Combining Data in Mixed Model Analysis
October 22 9 Computational Skills for Phylogenetics
(Guest Lab: Julie Allen)
October 29 10 Historical Biogeography and Divergence Time Methods: DIVA and BEAST
November 5 11 Introduction to Phylogenetic Networks
November 12 12 Free Time for Independent Projects
November 19 13 Free Time for Independent Projects
November 26 - Thanksgiving Break - No Lab
December 3 14 Student Presentations
December 10 15 The Comparative Method Using R
(Guest Lab: Julie Allen)
Projects due
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