Integrative Biology 466 - Invertebrate Zoology

Instructor: James B. Whitfield, Department of Entomology

5 units - Spring of odd years

Office: 215D Morrill Hall
Phone: 333-2567

Textbook: Brusca, R. C and G. J. Brusca. 2003. Invertebrates, Second Edition. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA. 936 pp.

Lecture MWF 1:00 PM- 1:50 PM in 326 NHB

Labs M 2:00PM - 4:50 PM in 326 NHB

TA (Spring 2009): Emma Berdan

The course will include primarily a survey of the invertebrate animals, with emphasis on natural history, phylogeny and comparative biology. Lecture three times a week for one hour, laboratory on time per week for three hours. Lectures will be primarily by the instructor with an occasional guest lecture, and will survey the invertebrate animals, integrating the natural history and comparative biology within a phylogenetic framework. Laboratories will provide a survey of the groups, plus some experience in field sampling and comparative anatomy.

Lecture midterm 1 150
Lecture midterm 2 150
Lecture final 200
Laboratory Quiz 1 100
Laboratory Quiz 2 100
Laboratory Quiz 3 100
Laboratory Quiz 4 100
Term paper 100
TOTAL 1,000
Lecture and Lab Schedule Supplementary Reading List